you only live onceOur Custom Neons are extremely popular for residential and commercial applications.  We can use your existing logo or artwork or we can design something especially for you.

Our neons are usually presented in an acrylic box so that they can sit on the ground, be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.  We are able to customize the casing, the colour of the cord or directly attach the neon the wall.    Neons can be for indoor or outdoor use.

Price depends on the size, the complexity of the design and the number of colours required.   Prices start from HKD4400.

Come in store and talk to us about your custom neon.  And for further details about our terms and conditions,please download our terms here.


custom neon 1 custom neon 2 custom neon 3 custom neon 4 custom neon 5 custom neon 6 custom neon 7

You can find our commonly used neon colours here: